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Command legendary heroes from history and fiction!

Every card holds unique advantages and risks. Outmaneuver your opponents in thrilling rapid-fire matches, by strategically positioning units and traps on the battlefield. When push comes to shove, a clever bluff can be your unexpected path to victory!

Community designed cards!

Ever had a great idea for a card that you wish existed in a game? Drimgar lets you do that! Pick a character, think about their strengths and weaknesses. Collaborate with the community and design a card that fits them - complete with stats, mechanics and lore. Use your favorite Generative AI tool to create a stunning illustration to bring your cards to life. Once you're done, share your new cards with everyone and see how they fit into the game's meta.


Feeling swamped by the myriad of options? No worries! You can grab a pre-built deck from another user and give it a spin for an hour, all for a nominal fee. Dive straight into the action, experiment with different strategies, and find your perfect playstyle without the fuss. It's a hassle-free way to enjoy Drimgar.

Early proof of concept prototype


Hold up! How will user cards not break the game?

Introducing new cards to the community meta will not be a one-click thing. Once you design a set of cards, it is on you to promote them in our Discord server and convince players that they are beneficial versus completely game-breaking. The more your cards are whitelisted and played by players, the more visibility they gain in-game. We aim to encourage a collaborative effort this way, though it is on us to make this process as straightforward as it can possibly become.

I like gen AI, but I don't want to design new cards.

You may also contribute variant illustrations for existing cards, be it official or popular community-generated ones.

Is this a blockchain game?

Yes and no. Let's break it down:

What you can do for free:

  • Play against friends
  • Play ranked multiplayer
  • Play the singleplayer campaign
  • Play with/against community-generated content, that creators decide to put up for free.
  • You can play with these in our creators multiplayer section.

What is purchasable with fiat: (Everything)

  • Official cosmetics - card backs, user avatars, and similar
  • User-generated content, that creators decide to put a price on. You can play with these in our creators multiplayer section.

Then when does blockchain come into play?

  • Once we hit certain milestones, creators who wish to earn from their content in our community shop, can link a wallet to their account.
  • Behind the scenes, we'll use smart contracts to manage asset ownership. By default, they are owned by the game. If you want to own the content tied to your account, just link a wallet and we'll handle the transfer for you.
How do I get involved with the Drimgar community?

We will have a Discord server up and running soon. Sign up for our mailing list below to get an invite.

Eager to try Drimgar?

— Yes! Send me an invite for the closed alpha!

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